Monday, June 27, 2011

Venezuela: the mystery surrounding the health of Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has a habit of making speeches rivers for several hours on national television once a week, has disappeared from screens for two weeks. In the middle of an official visit to Cuba, the Venezuelan president, aged 56, had surgery June 10 emergency, for a pelvic accumulation in the lower abdomen.

Since then, no medical report was published on his health. A silence that fuels speculation, including in the Venezuelan political class, its possible inheritance, reports the Washington Post. The only official information has been delivered by the Head of State himself, in a brief televised address June 12 Since silence was surprised that the Venezuelans used to the daily media interventions of the President, omnipresent in the lives of its citizens since the first election in 1998.

After an absence of the web since June 5, the head of state was again powered his Twitter account Friday of four fast-paced tweet a day. But no tweet makes no mention of his health or the date of his return to Venezuela. The Spanish newspaper El Nuevo Herald of Miami, a stronghold of opposition to the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro, said Saturday, June 25 Hugo Chavez was "not to the point of death, but in critical condition," citing U.S. intelligence sources unidentified. Information quickly rejected by the Venezuelan authorities. "He is recovering well," said Sunday the Minister of information Andres Izarra. According to authorities, the life of the President of the South American oil power, also mentor a number of socialist leaders in Latin America is not in danger.
Chavez has not delegated its powers to the Vice President as the Constitution of Venezuela wants the prolonged absence, and continues to sign laws and decrees from a distance.

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