Monday, June 27, 2011

Gays persecuted in Russia

"We are locked in a cell for two to four feet, nine. We are suffocating. It's like being in a sauna. The police refused to give us water." They have defied the authorities by introducing a cell phone in their cell, escaped the raid, and publishing, on Facebook, updates on their detention. 14 are the homosexual activists, who, on Saturday afternoon were detained in St. Petersburg, for demonstrating in a Gay Pride banned by the authorities. A prohibition that is common to all attempts of the Russian movement Glbt take to the streets to demand equal rights. It happened last May 28 in Moscow (twenty arrested), but also in the Slav Pride 2008. Their event, the day when New York celebrated its yes to gay marriage, lasted less than five minutes: the time to display some banners and a protester being beaten by homophobic.

He was released a few hours after the arrest, but they are affected cell 24 hours security. Their leader Nikolai Alexeyev is the 33 year old founder and chairman of the organizing committee of the Gay Pride in Moscow and project leader for GLBT rights Gayrussia. ru. Images taken in a cell and 'his third time in a prison when, in 2005, he began to lead the Russian gay movement: "The first time I was arrested after the Pride in Moscow in 2007.

The second, in the Pride Slavs in Moscow, two years later. " The meeting on Saturday, was set to 14, in Senate Square, in front of the equestrian statue of Peter the Great. The fate of this small group of gay martyrs of the cause was marked: in the square, meant surrendering to the police to be arrested.

All Pride Russians have been considered illegal. The European Parliament must take a stand. The international community must move. We are facing an insult to the European institutions ".

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