Monday, June 13, 2011

Argentina .- The Government declared an agricultural emergency in Patagonia for the Chilean volcano ash

BUENOS AIRES, 13 Jun. Argentina's government declared an agricultural emergency in the provinces of Black River, Neuquén and Chubut, located in Patagonia, as a result of ash from the eruption of Puyehue-Cordón Chilean Caulle. "We will declare the emergency" has advanced the executive secretary of Emergency Agricultural Disaster, Haroldo Lebed, was quoted by state news agency, Telam.

The official explained that the measure reflects the situation of these provinces, "per se are drought emergency for three to four years" so that the ashes have been a "tremendous effect" on the crops. This declaration "will go to Law 26509, which allows domestic funds to help farmers affected by any weather phenomenon." Patagonia is one of the Argentine regions most affected by the eruption of the volcano in Chile, whose ashes have forced authorities to cancel all flights from 5 June to the 15th.

In regard to communications by land, Route 231, which is accessed Cardenal Samore border crossing, which links Argentina and Chile at the height of Neuquén, is cut as a result of an avalanche, so it is recommended Pino step Hachado use. FLIGHTS CANCELLED Nationally, Argentinas and Austral airlines have canceled flights to and from the airport Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza, the two largest in the country, from 22.00 am on Sunday until 14.00 on Monday, as a result of volcanic ash cloud.

As reported by a joint statement, "the rest of programming on Monday, shall be subject to weather conditions and changes in the ash." For its part, the Chilean airline LAN has canceled flights scheduled from 20.00 hours on Sunday to these two airports. However, "is constantly monitoring the changing weather conditions" to report the status of their routes on Monday morning.

Because of the wind, the ashes have already arrived in Australia and New Zealand, where it has been necessary to cancel several flights. In particular, the Australian airline Qantas has suspended provided to and from Melbourne, Tasmania, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Some 30,000 passengers are stranded at airports in both countries waiting for an improvement of the situation, as recorded by the Australian newspaper Herald Sun.

RETURN OF THE HOMELESS Meanwhile, the National Emergency Office of Chile (Onemi) has authorized the return of hundreds of evacuees from the regions of Los Ríos and Los Lagos as a result of ash emanating from the volcano. Thus they could return home residents Mantilhue sector, located in the town of Rio Bueno (Los Rios), and Anticura sector facilities to the border with Argentina, the region of Los Lagos.

For their part, representatives of the National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) have explained that this decision reflects the transfer of the ash cloud and the low risk of avalanche in these areas.

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