Monday, June 13, 2011

Argentina Ban Ki Moon claims to sovereignty over the Malvinas

BUENOS AIRES, 13 Jun. The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has reiterated on Monday before the UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, the claim of the UK government to negotiate a solution to the historical dispute over sovereignty Falkland Islands. "England has systematically ignored UN resolution 2065, first for its own sake and then under the pretext that there had been a military dictatorship in 1982," said Fernandez de Kirchner at the conclusion of a meeting with Ban at the headquarters of the Executive Argentina.

The president has used his speech to the UN chief to demand the desire to Buenos Aires to recover these islands, whose sovereignty is lost during a war with Britain in 1982 that left nearly 650 Argentines and 255 British soldiers dead. Buenos Aires demands sovereignty over the Falkland Islands and on South Georgia, South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime areas.

"We reiterated our desire for England to accept the UN resolution 2065 in the sense of sitting at the table of negotiations with Argentina," Fernandez de Kirchner has insisted. "The UN resolutions must be accepted by all, by emerging and developed countries, and even more developed, because the more power you have in all areas, provided the greater the degree of responsibility," he insisted .

Moreover, the president announced his Government's support for re-election of Ban as UN secretary general, while the agency has referred to as a scenario where "avoiding undesirable and conflicting moments of international politics" . "In this global world, the UN must mean the common home of all countries for the solution of all conflicts," he underlined.

Ban arrived on Monday morning to the city of Córdoba and moved overland to Buenos Aires - to 700 miles away - as part of a tour made by the region. Their plane was scheduled to land in Chile's capital Buenos Aires but the airspace remains closed due to the ash cloud from the volcano in Chile Puyehue.

Speaking to reporters, Ban has said that Argentina "is instrumental and growing worldwide" and is also "one of the most important partners" of the UN. Also considered that this South American nation "has a great responsibility to help lead the Group of 77". It has also acknowledged that Fernandez de Kirchner is one of the few women leaders in the world, which are less than 10 percent "and said that" under his great leadership "Argentina" will have greater prosperity.


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