Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pakistan parliament calls on the government to review relations with U.S.

The Pakistani parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the military operation carried out by a special forces command of the U.S. Navy on 2 May in Abbottabad that culminated with the death of Osama bin Laden. The same document calls for the government in Islamabad to review their relationships, yet privileged, with the United States and opens an investigation by an independent commission to clarify the facts.

The document of 12 points, has been endorsed by all members, after the director general of the Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI), Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, in an appearance beg pardon for the mistakes committed by their agency within the U.S. operation. MPs have condemned the incursion as it is a unilateral U.S.

action that violates the sovereignty of China. In this sense, the resolution has extended the criticism to the continuous attacks by unmanned aircraft (drones) Americans in the northwestern part of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan and Taliban's traditional stronghold. The resolution recalls that such unilateral actions violate international law.

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