Sunday, May 15, 2011

Magnets buried Libya says killed in NATO attack

Tears, songs and firing guns into the air on Saturday marked the funeral of nine magnets Libya NATO said it killed in an airstrike, but the military alliance said the building was attacked command and control center. NATO is bombing to Libya as part of a UN mandate to protect civilians. Some NATO members say they will continue until the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, who described the alliance as a coward organization whose bombs could not kill him, is removed.

The new magnets are among 11 people killed Friday in a guest house in the eastern city of Brega, the government said. The other two were buried elsewhere. "God defeats his forces (NATO) on land, sea and air," they chanted some 500 people at the funeral held in a cemetery near the port of Tripoli.

The mourners raised the simple wooden coffins over their heads to take them to the cemetery, a witness said. "The (NATO campaign) is an insult after another to the living and the dead," Abdulrahman said as he watched the funeral. In a statement, NATO defended his action: "We are aware of allegations of civilian deaths in connection with this attack, and although we can not independently confirm the validity of the indictment, we regret any loss of innocent civilian lives when they occur.

" Libyan state television broadcast some audio comments Gadhafi on Friday, apparently intended to stamp out any speculation about his health after the Foreign Minister of Italy said that the Libyan leader was probably wounded by NATO airstrikes and had left the capital. "I say to the cowardly crusaders (NATO) I live in a place can not reach and where they can not kill me," said the man on the audio recording, whose voice sounded like Gadhafi.

"Even if you kill the body, they can not kill the soul that lives in the hearts of millions," said NATO bombed his compound in Bab al-Aziziyah on Thursday in Tripoli, but government spokesman Ibrahim Mussa said Gadhafi was not injured and which is in Tripoli, leading the country and in good spirits.

The rebels are carrying out a three-month uprising against the government of Gadhafi and Benghazi control and oil-producing region in eastern Libya. Rebel leaders met Friday with senior officials from the White House in an attempt to achieve greater international legitimacy. In a press conference on Saturday in Benghazi, the rebels said they were satisfied by the international support for their cause and rejected the division as a solution to the country.

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