Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Venezuela: The government is reassuring about the health of Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in Cuba at rest after surgery for a pelvic abscess, called his ministers every day and his recovery ahead, even if it ignores his date of return to Venezuela, announced on Tuesday, June 28 The Minister of Energy and Petroleum Rafael Ramirez. "He calls every day (...) it is a healing process and you should let it" rest, said Minister of the South American oil power.

"The president will return when it is delivered, in the meantime, the government is hard at work on the street, and we are working," he said, without stating a date of return of the president. The Venezuelan head of state, in power since 1999, underwent emergency surgery on June 10 in Havana in full visit to an accumulation of pus in the lower abdomen.

No medical report has been published on his health since the operation. This silence has surprised Venezuelans used to talk everyday rivers and media interventions of the President of 56 years, omnipresent in the lives of its citizens since the first election. Many close to the president said he could be back on July 5, for the bicentenary of the independence of Venezuela.

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