Friday, June 17, 2011

Syrian army fires at the Neaman accesses Maarrat

The Army and the Syrian security forces fired indiscriminately at the entrance of the Neaman Maarrat, northwest of Damascus, where thousands have fled, reported Syrian opposition groups. The organization said in Facebook Flash thousands of citizens have fled the town, located in the province of Idleb, where security forces fired indiscriminately in their entries, which for the moment there are victims.

The so-called Local Coordination Committees in Syria said that the Army have already entered the city, although most of its inhabitants have left, and, so far, no news of any bombing. Flash said that the Armed Forces have been deployed in the town of Khan Shijun, in the same province, while maintaining the fence around the Shogur Jisr.

The latter location was the subject of a military assault last weekend after the death of 120 security forces from attacks by armed groups last day 6, according to the version of the state media. The network also revealed that all Flash accesses Duma, on the outskirts of Damascus, are closed and that the security forces have set up barriers inside and outside the city, which has a large military contingent deployed.

Also in the vicinity of the capital, but Maadamiya, the Armed Forces to redeploy its tanks on the outskirts, said the Sham group on Facebook. Meanwhile, there have been numerous arrests military checkpoint at Hamimi Bustan and Al Rami, in the province of Latakia, near the Mediterranean coast, said the Observatory of Protests in Syria.

And there were demonstrations in solidarity with the Jisr Maarra Shogur Neaman and in Kafrnil in Idleb province, in the Iman Tiba in Hama, and Duma, where hundreds of women protested, said Sham. Meanwhile, the Revolution against Syria Bashar Asad said that 500 thousand students demonstrated in Aleppo, the second largest city and located north of Damascus to express their support for their compatriots in the Jisr Maarra Neaman and Shogur.

The Syrian state news agency, Sana, citing an unidentified military source said that some units of the army and security forces continue today with the persecution of members of "armed terrorist organizations" in villages near the Shogur for Jisr restore calm. The source said that residents of Jisr to Shogur keep coming back to their homes after the return of calm after the entry of the army in this town.

The military blamed "armed groups" of the slaughter of the last day 6, while opposition groups deny the existence of these militias and have suggested that the attack was due to the defection of several military units that joined the demonstrators. None of these versions has been confirmed independently due to the strict control of the authorities have expelled, arrested, threatened and tortured many journalists.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 297 civilians and 340 thousand soldiers and policemen have died in the crackdown on protests against the regime of Bashar al-Asad started in mid-March.

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