Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benedict XVI, 60 years of priesthood, "Lord, help me to be your friend"

On the day of Saints Peter and Paul, patron saints of Rome, Benedict XVI celebrates 60 years of priesthood. A confluence of anniversaries is special day in the Vatican. The Pope in St. Peter opens the solemn mass in the presence of more than 100 cardinals and the Patriarch of Constantinople to the imposition of 'balls' to 40 archbishops.

For five more will be delivered in their homes underground. Among others, receiving the pallium also the archbishop of Turin, Nosiglia Caesar, and that of Catanzaro, Vincent Bertolone. Ratzinger speaks of the "shepherds of the Church", the leaders of the local bishops. Must always guide their behavior in service and unity, the Pope says, pointing to the archbishops as a symbol of the very ancient pallium, a narrow strip of fabric made from the wool of lambs, is also to signify "the fellowship of pastors the Church with Peter and his successors.

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